Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women's Day

I've been watching as the International Day of Women posts go by, and it's been wonderful to see so many messages of inspiration and solidarity.  I love all the support for women!

It's a good day to remember ALL the women.

Remember women in poverty, especially those struggling to lift their children out of it.  Advocate for the safety nets they need.

Remember women living in abusive relationships, and look for ways to help them get out.

Remember women of color, because they face additional barriers to success and justice.  Ensure that their voices are heard as well as your own and fight against racism.

Remember trans women, because they're in terrible danger just for being their true selves.  Welcome them without question into women's spaces, and fight for their safety.

Remember disabled women, because their perceived weakness makes them targets.  Demand accessibility, especially in feminist spaces.

Remember women in prison; they're much more likely to be raped or otherwise abused.  Fight for reform to our justice system.

Remember women in forced marriage and prostitution, especially the young girls taken from their families.  Support laws and organisations that help them.

Remember undocumented and refugee women.  They're often desperately fleeing terrible conditions, but their status leaves them vulnerable where they should find safety.  Seek meaningful, compassionate immigration reform.

There are as many ways to value and support women as there are to BE a woman, and we can't afford to leave anyone behind it hope they'll 'catch up' if we forge on ahead without them.  So much of the work for women has been done by those who receive the least support, and for far too long we've failed to center *all women* and talk about issues beyond equal pay and reproductive choice.

Demand intersectionality.   Demand inclusion.  Demand opportunity for all women.  Demand justice.  And if anyone tells you the feminist movement can't support that, demand a new feminist movement.

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